Mini-Tutorial ISCAS2018

Mini-Tutorials ISCAS 2018

May 28

M1: Sampling Point Optimization and Associated Timing Recovery Methods for High Speed SERDES Receivers

8:15-9:45, Auditorium

Fulvio Spagna, Intel Corporation
Sitaraman V. Iyer, Intel Corporation

M2: Analysis and Design of Regenerative Comparators for Low Offset and Noise

14:30-16:00, Auditorium

Asad A. Abidi, University of California, Los Angeles

M3: Fault Tolerant Smart Power Drivers with Biasing Schemes and Diagnostics for Smart Automotive Systems

16:30-18:00, Auditorium

Sri Navaneeth Easwaran, Texas Instruments
Samir Camdzic, Texas Instruments
Robert Weigel, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

  Innovation Theme: Automotive

May 29

T1: Automotive LIDAR Technology Breakthroughs – Old Wine in New Bottles?

8:15-9:45, Auditorium

Harvey Weinberg, Analog Devices

  Innovation Theme: Automotive

T2: Fundamentals and Advances in Power Integrity in High-Speed Low Power Designs

14:30-16:00, Auditorium

Ram Achar, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario
Jai Narayan Tripathi, STMicroelectronics

T3: Power-Aware Testing in the Era of IoT

16:30-18:00, Auditorium

Patrick Girard, CNRS/University of Montpellier
Xiaoqing Wen, Kyushu Institute of Technology

  Innovation Theme: Internet of Things

May 30

W1: Micro-Power Monolithic Switched-Capacitor Energy Harvesting Interface

8:15-9:45, Auditorium

Man-Kay Law, Matthew, University of Macao

W2: Exploring Integrated Voltage References for Space Missions (and Other Harsh Environments)

14:30-16:00, Auditorium

Umberto Gatti, RedCat Devices

W3: On-Chip Epilepsy Detection: Where Machine Learning Meets Wearable, Patient-Specific Seizure Monitoring

8:15-9:45, Room VVG.7

Jerald Yoo, National University of Singapore / Singapore Institute of Neurotechnology

  Innovation Theme: Cognitive Computing and Deep Learning